Renan Hanayama

“I graduated in Industrial Engineering in December 2018 from Purdue University. After college I was hired by a Chemical Company to be an Operations Analyst and now I am currently living in Irving, Texas, which is a city next to Dallas.

During college, I was part of the Purdue Men’s Tennis team and most of my time I dedicated to the team and also to study (since Engineering is kind of tough at Purdue….). In my first 2 summer holidays (Freshman and Sophomore year) I came back to Brazil, while playing tournaments and enjoying the time with friends and family. My last 2 summer holidays (Junior and Senior year), I spent doing internships in the same company I work right now and I think these internships really helped me not only get a full-time job later, but also helped me get an overview of what adult life would be.

I definitely recommend coming to the US to study, even though I don’t know what studying in a college in Brazil is, I know that I loved studying while being able to play competitive tennis (which you barely can in Brazil…) and that I love my job, I don’t think I would be this lucky if I stayed in Brazil.

MC Graduation was one of my “second families”. I am extremely grateful to all the team for the support I got from them!“


Renan Hanayama, atleta de tênis, Purdue University, Indiana


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